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Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
golden1olivia posted:
I have been getting either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis continuously over and over again for a year now. It goes away with medication and always returns. Can a man cause this, sexually. We rarely have sex, have been together for 10 years and have kids. But, his hygiene habits have been lacking for years now. If he hasn't showered in a day or more would he have "bad" bacteria on his penis that would cause either infection?
fcl responded:
OK, from the posts you have written here you have two problems. The first is a husband who doesn't wash much. I suppose you've talked to him about this? In the future, give him two options when he wants sex - either he showers or he wears a condom. By the way, why do you "rarely" have sex? What kind of an infection is it that you are getting? Soe types can be passed to and fro between a couple and if you're not getting a complete cure then perhaps it's time to treat your husband as well.

The second is a doctor who is content to just write a prescription. Have you told him that you want to get to the root of your problem and that meds just aren't cutting it any more? Do you have an IUD, by the way? If he isn't trying to find the cause and if he doesn't think it's important to treat your husband then I'd be looking for another doctor ...
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