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    How many orgasms in a day for a healthy 53 year old man?
    An_253923 posted:
    I am 53 years old and in good health. In fact, I use an elliptical machine almost every day for 30 minutes and I do moderate weight training. So I'm in better health than most guys my age.

    After a long dry period, I started dating a 49 year old woman who is very sexually active. I use Viagra to try and keep up with her, but although I have an erection, I often cannot orgasm. I'm lucky to orgasm once a day. Sometimes twice, but rarely. She gets annoyed by this - like I don't find her attractive or she's doing something wrong. I am very excited by our love making and it IS a bit frustrating.

    I'm assuming this is because I'm a 53 year old man. In my forties I could do much better. How many orgasms per day is "normal"? Obviously Viagra doesn't help with orgasm - only erection. Is there an "orgasm drug"?
    sluggo45692 responded:
    Here's a 50 year old man in decent health. I have used the blue pill and here a hint. It can make things go numb and you can't finish. Your still hard, but can't get the stimulation to fire.
    My ex wife really did a number on my self esteem and it was a dry spell for me being married.
    After I got away from her things changed. Once a day is good, twice a day is really great, but not right after the first one. Some times I just can't fire. Please let your partner know it's not her. As we get older things can slow down. My gf and I would make love once a day and twice on the week ends if we could. She knows I sometimes can't finish. I alway make sure she gets hers and that is alway enough for me.
    A woman who is "very sexually active" needs not just sex, but lots of foreplay and romance. Remember you don't need to be in her to make her fire off. Alot of kissing in the right areas can do the trick. Always make it about her. You'll get your in the end. Good Luck
    stevesmw responded:
    The question is do you enjoy the intercourse without orgasming? If you do, tell her. If she still has a problem with it, then she is the one with the problem.

    Without ed medication, a man of your age is going to need some kind of recovery period after orgasming. If you don't orgasm, the recovery period is much shorter. You can have multiple sessions where you can please her and feel good about yourself. The act of intercourse should be pleasurable for as long as you want and how long does an orgasm last.

    Until I was over 60, I could orgasm every time I made love, but chose not to because an orgasm means the end of lovemaking for some period of time. When I was in my mid thirties, I would fall asleep along with partner and awake with an erection and still inside her. It was a great experience.
    Chef123 responded:
    Hello 53 yr old. I am 51 and with HBP, I need to take meds that make for a struggle to maintain an erection through the whole intimate encounter. I started with Cialis but experienced so many throbbing headaches. I talked to a nutritionist and she recommended L-Citrulline, a powdery amino acid. It works wonders. I take 3/4 of a teaspoon mid-morning and mid-afternoon and it gives me incredible erections and huge amounts of cum. The amino acid is the same as produced by the testes. You should give it a try. So much cheaper than ED meds! You can get it at a good vitamin store I'm sure.
    stevesmw replied to Chef123's response:
    I am 68 and take BP meds. No problems with Cialis or Levitra. How long did you take Citrulline before you noticed an improvement? I've been taking HGW for a few years and it helps but not enough.

    I didn't have ED issues until about 62. I started taking BP meds later, but there was already a decline.
    oldguy2 responded:
    "How many?in a day"?..R U kidding?..68 here and widowed and alone and I`m lucky if I can shoot once or twice in a week!..I`m "floppy" now and ED meds give me a when I get a nighttime woody I crank out the love juice that I used to give my dear wife..When we were first married I could cum 3 times a day for her..she and I loved to fu#k as often as we could..enjoy your youth, and precious wife...lucky man..
    stevesmw replied to oldguy2's response:
    There's a big difference between 53 and 68. I now have tried all three types and not pleased with the results. I started taking
    Citrulline and the first orgasm was like a porn star.

    I think I need to face the hard truth and drop fifty pounds and maybe able get of BP meds. I've lost a lot of feeling in my penis but I wouldn't care if I had a quality erection.
    oldguy2 replied to stevesmw's response:
    I`ll take 53..68 "sucks"..Cialis does work but gives me a headache as the wives used to I`m "ready" and don`t feel good enough to do "it"...

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