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A little red bulge on my glans penis
tomcruz100 posted:
A week back I was trying to masturbate, then my penis head was dry. I accidently rubbed the skin of my glans penis when it was totally dry, near the penis hole. I felt a little burning sensation then, the skin had become red. And this was before a week. Now there is no burning sensation, but still that part is little red and bulgy. I'm a virgin and uncircumcised. what should I do to get that redness and bulginess go away?
emediof responded:
how old are you & is this your first time masterbating? being a virgin is usually why guys masterbate cause we don't have a vagina to plug into.if this is your first-time masterbating,perhaps you were to rough & irritation caused your first time my penis swelled to 3times it's size,scared the hell out of me & took 2 weeks to return to normal.I now wish it would have stayed swallin.none the less if you are concerned ,don't ask a friend,see a the meantime HANDS-OFF !!!
jsayers222 responded:
Dry masturbation is generally not a good idea; although the penis will release pre-seminal fluid which can help to lubricate the penis, masturbation generally requires more liquid in order to keep the organ moist enough and avoid the kind of damage you mention. Keeping the penis generally moisturized is always a good idea, so regularly use a high quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). One that includes a high end emollient like shea butter, bolstered by the natural hydrator vitamin E, is the best bet. Good luck!

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