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oldguy2 posted:
68 now and widowed, now exploring my "gay" side with my married neighbor. His wife wants no more sex. so he and I try out our M2M . Great fun and we love it..almost every night..shows how you can get used to almost anything involving I "gay" now in my antiquity? Labels are for bottles and cans..I`m just a male animal trying to enjoy what`s left of my life..any men out there like me? bet there are
hairyd responded:
Oldguy it is your adult life... but be a man and say your gay. Four days ago you said you were a widowed. Threes days you told the truth "..I ended up separating from my wife because my love for men was so great.." Then said your a widowed on day 2.
Yes you can be a gay male animal or you would be chasing the female animal. A vaginal and penis has a label and there as different as a long hard banana and fresh raw oysters You know the truth; why lie on paper at 68.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
thesicklychild responded:
I am nearing retirement age and my wife is unable to enjoy sex. Naturally, I have coped with edging (I am at a 'Masters' level!) and porn and it works for me. I would love to find a retired man/couple who would host an edging/porn session a few times a month but haven't found that yet.
I envy your situation. It wouldn't work for me because I really don't think I could enjoy jo with anyone I knew beforehand (so to speak).
I can 'compartmentalize' and would hope my eventual jo bud(s) become friends but only afterward, not before. I would prefer to jo with someone that I'd met only for that purpose. Weird, but that's my fantasy.
lfsport replied to thesicklychild's response:
I love that also where do you live I am a married man
you dose not have sex with my wife so j/o alot
thesicklychild replied to lfsport's response:
Greater Cincinnati

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