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I don`t understand?
xxquaserxx posted:
Hey guys, i`m 18 and I was wounding what it means if a Girl says your hurting her in a good way during sex, my last gf and I had sex almost everyday, sometimes 2x a day maybe 3x if she wanted to, and there were points when she would say " Your hurting me but in a good way " and I don't understand what she means by that, you see I have a above average sized penis (8.9-9.1 inches) and sometimes she likes to lay on her stomach and do it like that, but she says "don't go all the way in because your to long", now me being a loving bf didn't have a problem with that and did as she asked, I also heard her ask me to take breaks during sex because she could not handle it anymore, and topically she finishes before I do, I don't understand what she meant when she said those thing and I`m looking for a answer
stevesmw responded:
Is it that last .2 inch that causes her discomfort?
Anon_475 responded:
If she has to take breaks you might want to consider your masturbation habits. A warm wet vagina does not provide nearly as much friction as a dry, tight grip. If you are masturbating like this try to get used to a less firm grip and using lube. Really, it's worthwhile doing - you don't want her getting sore from intercourse, do you?

Rear entry positions (like her lying on her stomach) are deep entry ones. If you have trouble not going too deep, you could buy a soft donut-shaped ring (any sex shop will have them) to fit over your penis... Perhaps she also likes lying on her stomach because it gives her extra clitoral stimulation?

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