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prolonge ejaculation
An_254673 posted:
Once in a while or every 10 to 12 times I have sex I will have a prolonged ejaculation. One orgasm and the initial ejaculation with the orgasm but then the semen will just keep coming out in pulses or almost like urinating. I'm in my 50's and this only started happening the past few years. Is this normal? has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any help.
gringofeliz responded:
It never happened to me but maybe your testicles produce so much that occasionally your system just pumps it out. Anyway, it sounds great.
georgemed222 responded:
I've encountered this among clients occasionally; they relate that this has happened rarely, but it tends to happen after a very prolonged sexual encounter. It seems to have to do with the penis being stimulated to a degree that it comes close to ejaculating several times, but then the stimulation switches so that the ejaculation is delayed several times — and then when it comes, the penis is so stimulated that the ejaculation is prolonged in the manner you describe. Sounds quite desirable. Some report that their penis feels sore (if very satisfied!) afterward, so for penis soreness (of any sort) a good penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a good idea. Choose one that is going to soothe the penis, so look for one with a nature-based hydrator like shea butter.
joeindy57 replied to georgemed222's response:
Thank you for your concise and informative response
buttfuzz replied to georgemed222's response:
I experience this frequently. It took a while to master this technique, but I've got it down. I learned about edging (masturbation first, then practiced with sex partners) in my early 20's. I am 36yrs old now. I do remember the first time: I've always lived alone, so being a naked and masturbating whenever I choose too is never a problem. This session lasted two hours. I used several different techniques also. I was ready to explode several times- but tried my best not to ejaculate. When I finally did, I felt the strongest orgasm I'd ever had up to that point. My penis was throbbing, I was barely touching it. The orgasm was still approaching, but still no semen was coming out. Then some slowly started to drip down, about 3-4 drips. Followed by a stream, then several blasts that ended up everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. My whole body was shaking and was the best feeling ever. The orgasm lasted way over a minute! This has been benificial with sex partners too, as I can last forever when having sex. The website I learned this from was

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