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Urology Exam - Was It Normal?
ethan4 posted:
I had my first appointment with a urologist, and part of the exam he seemed to massage my anus, and then took a semen sample? I was pretty mortified with the whole experience, I had never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else had this experience?
An_254668 responded:
Yes, it's routine to milk the prostate for analysis. In my case for analysis for indications of prostate cancer or infections causing restrictions of the urethra. It wasn't pleasant for me either unlike with a gf. Since I did have cancer (confirmed by biopsy, even more disagreeable), I chose the gold standard of therapies and had the urologist remove the prostate 14 years ago so no more semen but he did avoid destroying some of the nerves. So still get enjoyable, exciting orgasms though not leaping ejaculate.
jem2153 responded:
I've had numerous Urology exams over the past 10 years mostly due to kidney stones or a Prostate infection. The DR did usually check to see if any fluid expelled after he did the prostate exam when my complaint was regarding a possible infection. Agreed not a pleasant experience and can be embarrassing but they see this everyday.
marrmilguy responded:
I have had a number of Urological exams over the years, including prostate and Doppler exams. It can be very embarrassing in the beginning and needs to be done when making determinations for medical treatment. Having been adopted at birth, I have no family history so Prostate cancer is always a concern, along with anything else so full physicals are done. I have had 2 prostate exams a year for the last 4 years so nothing is a surprise. Now I know what to expect when these appointments are made. The embarrassment is gone.
tnguy1 replied to marrmilguy's response:
I am about to make an appointment with a urologist and want to know what to expect. What is a Doppler exam? Is it normal to achieve an erection during an exam by a urologist?
An_260809 replied to gringofeliz's response:
What a interesting story and vivid imagination. I doubt the initial concern and following comments from other readers was an invitation for erotica. Im sure you can find another outlet for your fantasies.
marrmilguy replied to tnguy1's response:
In response to your question. A Doppler is an ultrasound used for testing your penis and testicles for various reasons. It all depends on what your doctor is looking for but an erection and having to produce a semen sample is certainly not out of the norm. I have had the ultrasound performed on both my erect penis for detecting blood flow after experiencing pain after a groin injury and any damage to the testicles. The physician performing the procedures throughout the year made it very comfortable and and he does these 5-10 times a day sometimes so there is nothing he hasn't seen.
An_260812 replied to gringofeliz's response:
REALLY? Im sure there are porn sites that would appreciate your stories.

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