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Prostate massage
geokeith posted:
I have read a lot about the benefits of prostate massage on the internet lately; as I get older and my prostate seems to be more sensitive to inflammation and infection, I am curious if there are actual health benefits to this; if you have it done, who does it? can you get it done in a non sexual situation? although I understand ejaculation is generally the outcome; would like to hear from any who might have had this done or done it for others; can you see any health benefit?
buttfuzz responded:
I have massaged my prostate since jr high school. And through the years I have always enjoyed it tremendously. I can make myself cum without touching my penis even while doing this. It takes A LOT of practice to get there, but once you've got it- you really got it. I have out right screamed it felt so good, either doing this myself or with a partner/partners. Kegal exercises help a lot too. Where you squeeze your PC muscle and release, doing this over a period of time. I've spent a good 16 yrs perfecting this and when you understand the flexing of the PC muscle, with jerking off or having sex- it's no other orgasm. It's intense. I have to add- while I'm massaging my prostate, I use my thumb to rub my taint and just keep masturbating. This is the ultimate for me. My body shakes, I am in the zone dude. So good.
An_252334 responded:
A prostate massage can be done by (as buttfuzz said) yourself, by a partner, or by your doctor. I can say I'm not limber enough to do it to myself, but I have had it done my lovers and doctors.

I had a problem a few years back with prostatitis. My urologist told me to ensure I ejaculate daily and drink a lot of fluids. I asked him about massages and he told me not to massage while inflammed. He would only proscribe them for specfic treatments, but if I could get my partner to do them for me and I enjoyed it, go for it. It doesn't hurt you to do them and some research said it may even be good for you.

I can also state if your lover is providing you stimulation while they massage you. OMG, you will finish with a big bang. In a clinical setting, it can be uncomfortable. This is because it is a clinical procedure and not for the enjoyment of the action.

No matter what, TRY it with a partner. Use lots of lube and rubber gloves, so if your partner has long or ruff nails. Relax and breath. Make sure you have had a BM or enema before hand. Take your time.

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