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gringofeliz posted:
Urban Dictionary posted a word "

A self imposed period free from masturbation . Often employed by single men as a strategy to improve productivity at work and in other life pursuits. Regularly used in conjunction with a set end date or target time frame. Should be used with caution as is considered by many to " present considerable health hazards. The last sentence is more accurate than thew preliminary contention.
Even Clerical celibacy to improve devotion and attention to faith based prayer didn't work. Because the church never thought that it would be inundated with homosexual pediphyiles Priest because of the Vatican's papal diplomatic protection against criminal prosecution .
Masturbation energizes the body for both sexes, it's a healthy natural either "use it or lose it.".

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stevesmw responded:
use it or lose applies when there is something to lose.
There are people who absolutely have no interest in sex.
Most people enjoy it and should get as much pleasure as they want without disrupting their lives.
I barely consume alcohol and have never been interested in getting drunk. It's fine by me when people want to get drunk as long as there aren't adverse effects on health or harm to others.
An_254668 replied to stevesmw's response:
With no interest in sex, they should become priests and nuns. It is an essential part of human beings, of both genders, so for most of us it should be used and enjoyed. With a positive perception, the more it is used, the more it pleasures.
tylakeland responded:
I think that with almost anything, its good to take a break for a while. I will go a period of time, without sex or masturbation to recharge the optimum pleasure. I like the feeling control it gives, and when one finally resumes, there can be an awesome outcome.

On the other hand, if people want to give up these things in their entirety, thats their choice.
An_254668 replied to tylakeland's response:
yes, but as we age, if we don't keep pleasuring we will develop ED. Incidentally, for getting into the proper positive frame of mind I go to and get erect watching these nymphstresses (Klixen and Daniela especially) do their out-of-this world techniques. My wife gets her happy moments also. Very stimulating in a therapeutic way.
stevesmw replied to An_254668's response:
I have some bad news for you. Aging and health have the biggest impact on ED. I'm almost 69 and I was in prime shape sexually until age 62. I have "used it" a lot more than average and am still losing it. I still try because I still feel something even if I can't get his hard or even orgasm. It doesn't make much difference.
gringofeliz replied to stevesmw's response:
I'm 87 and after 2 surgeries I can't get it hard but the nerve is still there so I have very pleasant orgasms. You might consider going to a urologist like Dr. Hornsby (greater Washington), his indictable ED medication works though the penis has to be held to get the injection in the right place. With a partner that shouldn't be a problem. There are other MD's and the Boston Medical Group. But Klixen and Daniela get us both aroused for a great moments of pleasure.

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