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oral sex mishap
tailgatejuliet9494 posted:
My boyfriend of a year was performing oral sex on me, when all of the sudden I felt something give, like break, and I got a sharp pain in my abdomen right as it happened. I doubled over and he stopped immediately, after a second or two he noticed I was bleeding. I couldn't move because I was in so much pain, once I was able to move I rushed to the bathroom only to find out I was bleeding, and a good amount. I quickly cleaned up and washed everything to clean off the blood to see what was going on. I could find nothing where it was coming from. I am not s virgin and nor is he, he was "going to town" on me... I have no idea what could be going on, and frankly I'm quite scared. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you so much
sluggo45692 responded:
A couple of thoughts:
1. You started to get the big "O" and your cycle started with the uterus contracting.
2. He nicked you in an area you couldn't see and the abdomen pain was a "refered" pain. A pain cause one place, but felt some where else.
3. He was using his fingers while working and a fingernail nicked you inside.

You said he was going to town. He needs to slow down and enjoy. Don't let this turn you off to his attentions. There is no better place to worship a woman than at the Y.

Good Luck
topcop2003 responded:
The other reply was ludicrous. A fingernails? A sympathetic pain elsewhere? Your period after the pain & the feeling of something rip? REALLY??? Surprised a moderator did not respond to his reply. I am a senior paramedic of 31 years & a Registered Nurse of 17 years. I have delivered (14) babies in that time. I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR!

Only you know your body and although I don't know your medical history, if the blood flow was substantial as you wrote, only you would know if your period was due, but if the pain was not menstrual cramps, again, don't know if you regularly get cramps, but if the pain & flow was enough to make you STOP the pleasure and foreplay, and obviously you are concerned enough to log in for advice, I would call your OBGYN and speak with the nurse, and get yourself in to see the doctor. Although you are not a virgin, I would wonder if you tore part of your vaginal tissue that may have not fully separated when you first lost your virginity. I don't know how old you are or how many times you have had sexual intercourse with your partner. If it was appendicitis or gal bladder you would not be on line, you would be in the hospital. Has it happened again, please go see your doctor. If it is a torn part of your hymen, you might have to have her painlessly remove/repair the tissue, she can give you some Lidocaine and
topcop2003 replied to topcop2003's response:
You will not feel a thing. She will use a heat pen to stop any bleeding from the torn are permanently. It really is a simple thing and is done in the office. Most important, even if you are on birth control your partner must wear a condom because if it does happen again and you are having intercourse, there is a good chance of blood, and unless you know your HIV status 100%, blood can transmit the virus to your partner. Be safe and call your GYN TODAY before the weekend and ask him/her advice. Better safe than sorry. Good luck and would be interested to know how it goes.
sluggo45692 replied to topcop2003's response:
I'm so glad to be insulted by such an esteemed person. I never claimed to be an expert or a doctor. The lady wanted some responses and IF you thought about what I said, you would have seen I kept it simple because I don't know her history or what she calls a lot of blood. She didn't give a medical history or a complete detailed account of her sexual encounter.
As you said if it were appendicitis or gal bladder, she won't be online asking questions. She'd still be on the floor screaming or on her way to the hospital. I don't disagree with anything you said to her, but next time I suggest you think about what your saying to a poster. I've worked a lot of E.R.'s, squads, and been deployed on a few U.S. NAVY ships. I'm not about tell someone here they don't know what there talking about. I don't know everything and I know this.DO YOU.

Good Luck

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