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After intercourse
An_246781 posted:
I had sex with a guy and he was relatively rough (not extremely) and about 7-8 inches. He's my second partner (ever). After sex, I was sore and it stung to pee. A few hours afterwards, I bled for the day (mildly( sort of like an extremely light period). Does this mean he tore me? (I think I posted this question earlier but I can't seem to find it). Your answers are much appreciated. Thank you!
steve88888 responded:
You should practise safe sex mad use alot of lube.
alantewks responded:
I'm 8" and I've never hurt a woman during intercourse. I would guess that it had more to do with very little foreplay which would have gotten you moist with your natural lube or you didn't use any lube prior to intercourse. The next time you have sex with this man, make sure you are ready. He should be aware of this also. A man with a large penis needs to make sure that the woman is well lubed.

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