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masturbation: places & benefits
An_254668 posted:
Driving: better to let gf drive while you are being slowly massaged. It reminds me in my teens, a girl I met in a hospital used to take me for a drive to a lonely area. She enjoyed getting me primed during the trip and the edging resulted in a bountiful output. We would perform fellatialingus (combination fellatio and cunnilingus) for a long time so that the outpouring was exciting and huge; the cum is quite tasty. She was crazy about my phallus and I gave her a tongue job so that we both were anxious to united two or three times weekly. In bad weather we would go to one of our homes, whichever with no one else present. This lasted until I left for the war. She wanted to remain a virgin but our episodes allowed us to learn the techniques of edging which is very enjoyable and healthy.
She wrote me while I was abroad but we each married others and had long-lasting marriages benefitting by our adventures. What's your experience?

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stevesmw responded:
My girlfriend and I enjoyed doing this. Be careful when a semi, is along side. The view can cause and accident.
An_254668 replied to stevesmw's response:
Yes, from the POV of both the gf driving and the semi driver. Fortunately, my gf could keep her mind on the road, one hand on the wheel, while her right hand was rubbing my genitalia through my jeans as a prelude. Of course, when we arrived at our secluded place, not visible from the road, we could bring each other to the high state of delirium with irresistible pleasure. Thus we never had to exercise our sex organs alone until we went in the service. Having such joy in our early years, I learned that non-pentrative sex was really pleasant for both, requires less physical exertion, with common sense hygiene is safe and sanitary, no unplanned consequences, and more practical in various situations. While wife and I did the penetration it was mostly to procreate. For pure enjoyment it has always been bj's and hj's.
An_254668 responded:
Yes, that's been our experience and joy also. I'm easier to bring to a climax but non-penetrative moves with her are always more fulfilling than penetrative. The emphasis is on the sensuous acts w/o wearing ourselves out with the plungering. It also easier to get in the mood knowing that edging and pleasuring is the goal.
stevesmw replied to An_254668's response:
My wife had one of the worlds greatest vaginas and had multiple vaginal orgasms. Her first choice is always my penis.
She use to like to make love for at least an hour so anything strenuous was avoided. Fingers were used frequently. She found slow, shallow penetration particularly enjoyable and asked for it. One of her favorite positions was on the side, facing each other,no weight to bear an either partner can move.
gringofeliz replied to stevesmw's response: whatever is most exciting and pleasant with both of you. The important thing is to keep pleasuring and happy memories will encourage both to keep active.

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