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    Anyone come across this?
    jtc1003 posted:
    I'm serious about this. Whether you're male or female, have you ever seen a man who has an erection that's 3" or less? It's called a micropenis, and it's very rare. Anyone here ever seen one?
    An_255018 responded:
    Why do you want to know?? What value is there in this knowledge??
    thesicklychild responded:
    Most men just claim it's 7 inches.
    jtc1003 replied to thesicklychild's response:
    This is a serious, albeit very rare, medical condition that the medical community has been ignoring. I want to change that.

    This is why I'm asking if anyone o this board has ever come across it?
    An_255018 replied to jtc1003's response:
    Your reply still does not answer the question why you are interested in this condition. Do you are someone you are close with have it? Does it cause other medical problems?

    To be honest, I am about that small and have no related health problems and a very happy wife. We have two young adult sons so that did not impede conception.
    jtc1003 replied to An_255018's response:
    I don't know what you mean by "about that small". Maybe you're 4" or a little better. Or maybe you met 1 of the few women who wouldn't care. I know there are a small group of women who don't care. I also know as women get older they don't care because other things are more important. I wasn't as lucky as you to have met them. There's also a female version of this condition which is almost impossible to know. I also know at my age that some women feel pain if a penis is larger than 6".
    This condition is part of a syndrome, and I forget the name of it. But I could never get a circ because of this. That made me prone to yeast infections like women are. It also causes big man boobs. Finally, it causes sinus problems and frequent nose bleeds.

    But I'll say again you were lucky to meet a woman who didn't care. God blessed you.
    bigred53 replied to jtc1003's response:
    jtc, I'm one of those women who doesn't care about size. I have never orgasmed from intercourse alone. I NEED clitoral stimulation. I was once with a man who was maybe three inches erect but also about as big around as a beer can. For me girth is more important than length. As long as your mouth and hands work and you know what to do with them I will be a happy camper. If not, I have my Bob (battery operated boyfriend).

    00000162 replied to jtc1003's response:
    There ate more woman you think that are out there and it doesnt mean there the ugly ones. Lol i to cannot cum by penetration but it is true what he does with his mouth is even more important to me than the final love making. my partner has ED and has shut dow on me completely and does mot want anything to do with me so you could all be so lucky just to have everything working and even want her.

    I am sure that he is self conscious but he will not believe me in that i don't care .i just really mis our intimacy.
    jtc1003 replied to 00000162's response:
    To 162,

    I think your husband has a hang up. I developed a rash on my penis at 38. It spread to my legs and lower belly. I had it about 4 years and 6 different Docs didn't know what it was. When it finally went away it left me with partial ED. As I got older the ED got worse. But I learned something. Just because I can't get erect, I still have a sexual desire. Can he use Viagra? I have a heart problem so I haven't taken Viagra in 5 years, but it used to work pretty good.

    I'm also very good with my fingers and my mouth. And I enjoy doing it. But it's hard to do that if I just met a woman.

    I think a lot of women may know intercourse isn't a big deal once they're in their mid 40's. But in their 20's I think they want intercourse, and they want to enjoy it. I couldn't do that.

    And then in the 1980's we had AIDES, and other STD's hit epidemic proportions. That made oral sex very dangerous. I also became very religious at 30. From that point on I wanted to get married, or at least I wanted to be in love to have sex. I think I would have been that way even if I was normal. But in my 20's I would have had sex with many more girls than I did, if I was normal.

    Most of my life this wasn't even considered a medical problem, and it is. At least now it has a name, Microphallus. I think the medical community should try and find a way to detect this before a boy is born, and treat it. It's not funny, and all people do is laugh at it. But it's not funny at all.
    00000162 replied to jtc1003's response:
    I do like to end in intercourse. I feel it is the final connection but it doesn't need to be for along time to be satisfying. This I think may be the hang up. The way I see it is if we just tried even if it only lasted for 10 seconds it would get things going. He will not allow it to go past kissing. If I try to kissing him deeply he shuts it off in a short period of time.

    He doesn't say anything when I suggest things. He just waits it out so that I just walk away and stop talking about it.
    I cannot get the dialog going in the write direction. I am so hurt all the time . As long as I am happy he is happy. When I get sad and down about it he says it effects him so I just cover my feelings now.
    jtc1003 replied to 00000162's response:

    Can he take Viagra, Levitra or Cialis? I got the best results with Viagra. I even woke up with a partial erection. Levitra didn't work as well, and all I got from Cialis was a 3 day headache. Not an erection. I should tell you I used those drugs alone, just to see if they would work. I also noticed I need 100 mg of Viagra, so that's 2 reg sized pills or 1 extra strength. Even with these pills, you don't get an automatic erection. You need stimulation, and both physical and emotional works best. Or so I'm told.

    If he can't take these drugs due to taking Nitrates for his heart, he may never be able to get hard enough for penetration. Would you still want sex then? You implied you would. Tell him. Even though he can't get fully erect, he should still enjoy your hands and mouth. He may even still cum. ED is such a strange illness. My cousin married a man like your husband, and she was shocked to learn he still enjoyed oral sex with her.

    Half the battle is in his head. He feels belittled because he can't get erect. If you can settle for no intercourse at all, then you have to tell him. Maybe you have to tell him 100 times. You have to find a way to convince him.

    If you won't settle for no Intercourse, then you wouldn't have liked me. Even when I was young. In fact, you're proving I was right. Women want Intercourse, even if they don't cum that way. They want it. And I didn't have length nor girth.

    So this this birth defect caused me to become a lonely old man. I want to make the medical profession aware of this before I die.

    Docs do thousands of breast implants, and many men love small breasts. I do. To me more than a B cup not necessary, and if it's an implant, I don't even like it. But breasts aren't necessary for intercourse. The penis is.

    So I hope some Docs see this. There has to be a cure, considering we can no manipulate a baby's genes. When I was born, nothing could be done. They didn't even know what DNA was back then. Now they do. This runs in the family. If I made a woman pregnant today I would want the Docs to make sure the baby doesn't get this gene. It's a nightmare.

    Unless we go back to God's ways and a woman only has sex with her husband, and she only has 1 husband, mostly anyway.

    I hope you convince your husband to have oral sex with you, 162. He probably still wants to.
    00000162 replied to jtc1003's response:
    He has no heart issues he just doesn't want to try any drugs. What am i to say about that? on one hand he is allowed to doe with his body what he wants but on the other hand does he not love me enough to try? I know I am trying what ever treatment I can get my hands on to loose weight for him now.

    I am so sorry. I feel your pain. Can I ask you something Does it get you aroused to perform oral or hand stimulation on women?

    I have been settling for no intercourse for 6 years now but at the same time I have had to settle for no stimulation at all, just small kisses and cuddling if I initiate it and any stimulation I give myself. I tease him and he says he likes that but never anything follows.

    I love him so much it hurts all the time and I feel like I am being used. he says he thinks he knows what woman want compare to other men but sometimes I thinks he has no clue about that at all.
    jtc1003 replied to 00000162's response:
    I'm not married nor do I have a gf, but if I did, I'd love getting her to cum with my hands and mouth. It would stimulate me mentally, but without Viagra there would be no erection. Viagra only works if a lack of blood flow is the problem, and it usually is.

    Since that's true, gravity is an erection's best friend. For example, if I lay on my back, even Viagra won't work. Standing up is best.

    Will he let you fondle his penis in your hand? If so, try and be standing up. Maybe kiss him and back him against a wall, and fondle. Sitting is 2nd best, but it depends on if his body weight in against his prostate gland. I think it's better if it is, but you can't know that.

    Maybe he read a few men went blind from Viagra? They did, but my Doc said it's super rare. He has a better chance of falling out of an airplane, than going blind from Viagra. They're also very expensive. Last time I bought a large Tab (100 mg) it cost $19.00. So much for sex is the most fun you can have for free. But maybe he'd only need 50 mg. Some Docs still have samples. But you have to ask for them.

    Can I ask how old he is? Does he smoke and/or drink? Both cause ED, especially tobacco. He's obviously the kind of man who no longer feels like a man because he can't get hard. I'm an atypical man because I can discuss all this. Most men can't. But if you 2 are still young he needs to talk about it, wit his Doc, if not you, and do something.

    What he's doing is typical. He's pretending he has no interest in sex anymore. He does. He has to admit it to himself.

    I have to tell you something. This isn't about you, it's about him. It's not how he feels about you, it's how he feels about him. And sex makes him hate himself. I'd really like to know your ages? A I said, I met ED at 40. That was very young. But it happens.
    00000162 replied to jtc1003's response:
    Thank you jtc1003, your information is really helping me understand all of this.

    I am 51 and he is 57. He doesn't drink much at all and has never smoked. He is very playful with me. He makes passes at me all the time but then I make passes at him as well. He tells me that I am very sexual and I wonder if maybe I am too sexual around him sometimes and that I am putting pressure on him. I get mixed messages sometimes. He says he loves it but when I actually come onto him and corner him he does not respond.
    jtc1003 replied to 00000162's response:
    162, You two aren't that old. I was wondering if you two were 70. But I've read here where even couples in their 70's still enjoy sex.

    You have 2 problems. One is ED, and I don't know why he has that. Heck, I don't even know why I have it. The most common reason is poor blood flow to the penis. But I heard of 1 man who had plenty of blood going down there, but it wouldn't stay there. I read that 1 artery brings blood down, and 6 veins take it away after the man cums. The 6 veins have 1 way valves that should stay closed until sex is over. This 1 man had defective valves and a surgeon had to replace them. We are truly wondrously made.

    Docs diagnose things things by doing tests, or trying a certain med. With ED Docs prefer to try a med, and if it works, the problem is blood flow.

    Your big problem is getting your husband to discuss this with you and the Doc. Has he been for a thorough check up recently, including a blood test for diabetes? Diabetes is anther big reason for ED. If you can go to the Doc with him, and if he doesn't mention ED, maybe you can mention it. Ten the Doc can check for diabetes, and he will probably want to give him Viagra. If your husband refuses Viagra the Doc will ask why? But the Doc can also check his BP. If it's high, that can also cause ED.

    Another thing the Doc can check s his Testosterone levels. Low Testosterone can cause ED and loss of interest in sex. But not always. I have low Testosterone, and I would still want sex if I was married. Even if I couldn't cum, I'd still pleasure my wife, and I'd want her to use her hand and mouth. Plus I'd still want cuddling. I've tried Testosterone replacement and it makes me depressed. That's rare, but it happens to me.

    So your major problem is getting your husband to deal with this. That's #1.

    But you said you want intercourse after you cum by his mouth. I'm sure he knows that. Can you be happy without it? If you can, you have to tell him that. I think your choice may be no sex at all. Or oral sex, but no intercourse. He may be able to get 1/2 erect, but not enough for penetration. Isn't oral sex better than none at all? If you were in your 20's or 30's I could see where you must have intercourse. That's why I stayed single. You're proving I was right.

    So... If his Testosterone is low and the Doc can get it up, his interest in sex may return, but ED may stay and there's no intercourse, but he'll enjoy sex again.
    If he'll take Viagra and you can get him hard, you can have intercourse again. Btw, Viagra doesn't cause an instant erection. You have to work on it. Viagra works best on an empty stomach, and you 2 may be surprised because many men wake up with an erection. That's a bonus.

    But you have to get him to discuss this. OK?

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