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I need info on Viagra
shaybug326 posted:
Hello, I know this is suppose to be a man's board, but I don't know who
to talk to. My husband has erectile dysfunction, I believe, and he won't go to the doctor and see about getting Viagra. He relies on over the counter drugs and our relationship is falling apart. The problem is he has to be "alone" and masturbate to get hard enough, then he just wants to stick it in. This hurts and is very boring as well. I cant get lubricated and regular lubricant doesn't seem to help. If he took Viagra, would he be able to maintain an erection during foreplay. I know nothing about his issues, and he will not talk at all about them.
sluggo45692 responded:
Hi Shaybug,

Sorry you married a selfish man and yes this is the place to ask about this. It's not just a man's board.
Viagra may or may not help your husband. It maybe a psychological or a physical problem, but until your husband is evaluated by your doctor, you can't be sure. I can tell you Viagra can help get it up and also help sustain it. It's a perscription medication and has to have a doctor sign for it.

As for him just getting it up and just sticking it in, that's selfish and stupid. There is more to a woman's body and sex than just catching his semen. Lube only works if you have time to put it in properly and your stimulated. He needs to think of you when your having sex together. It's not "here's my hard penis, SLAM."

Tell him what you want. If he's not smart enough to listen, then he's not smart enough to get any. You need yours as well as he needs his. I don't know how long you have been together, but partners need to talk to each other about anything. If you can't now, push it. He's only less of a man if he doesn't try to be a better lover. If he doesn't try, then he's not a man. ED shouldn't end a relationship, but not trying to get things better will.

Good Luck
alantewks replied to sluggo45692's response:
Has he always been like this as far as just wanting to stick it in? If he was a selfish lover before he had ED issues then he has two problems. The Viagra will probably solve his ED issues but he needs help with his relationship issues. How old are the two of you and how long have you been together?
pinkpants78 responded:
Perhaps he is losing his self-esteem with the ED problem plus his pride and ego would hinder him from talking the issue with you. Yes, ED pills can help him such as tadalafil
(source: but he has to learn to communicate with you about the problem. As a wife, never give up on him and try convincing him about communicating his issues with you.
fcl responded:
Your husband needs to see a doctor (preferably a urologist) for a full evaluation. There could be a number of causes for his ED and he needs to know which it is and have it treated. If I were you, I'd simply tell him that until he sees a doctor he's not getting any more sex. Why let him treat you as if you were just there for his pleasure? Stop letting him use you. Sex should be a mutually satisfying experience.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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