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First Time Intercourse & Now Scared To Death.
Nightxer posted:
Im a 21yr female, and just had sexual intercourse for the first time on saturday.Im very freaked out because i forgot to think about when i was getting my monthly which is usually at the end of the month to the beginning of the next.I think i might be on my monthly now. it seems it might have startedd the day or intercouse or the day after. should i be worried that i could possibly be pregnant. we were safe he used a condom. when he finished he got up and cleaned off. my legs and stomach was hurting really bad i figured it was just because the way it was done. ive also pretty shakey and feel tired.

im really worried.
Elle0317 responded:
No need to worry. He used a condom and you likely were not ovulating if you are starting your period. Typically ovulation takes place 10-14 days after the start of your period.

If you are going to worry about pregnancy so much why not go on the pill?
jamaicanrudeboy responded:
Would not worry too much, because you monthly has started, but to be reassured you can consult you OBGYN Dr. if you do not feel comfortably..ok God bleesd and good luck
GuardSquealer replied to jamaicanrudeboy's response:
Well if she was pregnant she would be getting ready to deliver now. Why dig up such and old post?

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