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Has anyone else experiecned anything like this?
Sandman2286 posted:
I am a person who unfortunately has been affected by transverse myelitis. In a nutshell, I was paralyzed from the waste down for several days. Once recovered from that, I was able to walk and maintain a semi-normal lifestyle. I still cannot feel hot and cold very well, or pain for that matter, but I'm about 90% healed. BUT....I have not been able to ejaculate either during masturbation, intercourse, or nocturnally for 2 years...not a drop. I also have had urinary problems. My question is has anyone else known of anyone who has gone through this, or if there are any drugs/mdeicine/therapy anyone knows about would be helpful. I was a routine person with my sexual life, and would like to be able to enjoy it once again, if anyone has anything they can add, it would be helpful!
ontbear responded:
Sandman2286: Talk to your primary health provider You need an exam by a uroglist. PA

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