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I dont like anything in me
An_208334 posted:
Ok, I am a 23 yr old female with a relatively normal (sometimes busy) life. So... I had sex for the first time about a 1- 1 1/2 yrs ago with a really nice guy I met on vacation (translation, i was drunk, he was sweet and we were out of the country) it was ok, he came over a few weeks after and we enjoyed eachothers company then too. About 2 weeks ago a decided to let another guy have sex with me and it was also fine. My problem is that I dont like sex. Its just kind of uncomfortable and I actually sort of dont like the idea of anything being in me, I hate even using tampons. It doesnt hurt, just sort of uncomfortable even if im turned on and i just can't wait for him to finish so he'll take it out. I have had orgasms before, by oral and manual stimulation but other than that its just too much in me and both guys were average size. Will this just change over time? Or is there something wrong with me? I was abused when i was 14 but he only touched me and it was just one day, could that be my problem?
ontbear responded:
Hi..... ask your health care provider to suggest a person that you might talk to -- it may help
Elisabeth1234 responded:
The biggest issue I see is that you "let another guy have sex" with you. If that statement is truly indicative of how you view sex (something you allow someone to do to you), I would agree that the abuse when you were younger is still affecting you.
Home2strays replied to Elisabeth1234's response:
thanks... I kind of do think it's a mental thing for me. I had my yearly exam done the other day and nothing abnormal was found ( i was kind of actually hoping it would be something physical and that way maybe easily fixable) is there a certain kind of therapist i should seek? I have thought about it for a little while now but didn't want my family to know it's still bothering me.

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