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female climax - issue?!
An_208353 posted:
Hi - not sure about this one, hope someone can shed a light on it for me. Occasionally when I climax I release a great deal of fluid. Not a small amount, more like a cup or two. What is this? Where is it coming from? It is clear and has no odor - I am embarrased enough about it, I would certainly admit if I thought I was accidentally peeing. That would be awful but at the very least identifiable. It doesnt happen all the time, but enough where I am now afraid of climaxing. Any thoughts?
GuardSquealer responded:
Female ejaculation. Fairly common, consider yourself lucky. I would like if my wife did this. No need to feel bad about it. Enjoy it.
Elle0317 responded:
Agreed, enjoy it. If you want, place a towel underneath you when you have sex for easier clean up. Most men don't mind and in fact most feel proud if they could get their partner to squirt or gush. Embrace it, don't be afraid, it's perfectly normal and natural.
An_208354 responded:
Your a squirter lol it's no big deal just put a towel down most men love it when their women can squirt! Me I have no vaginal fluids when I have an orgasm and sometimes I wish that I did! Not that my SO doesn't enjoy making me orgasm but there are times when he would prefer I squirted!
Chef123 responded:
Consider yourself special! That is a trait practically every male would love their partners to display. Squirting is erotic and very very sexy. You are blessed and so is your partner. Enjoy and watch the excitement together for more intimacy.
Texasred45 replied to An_208354's response:
Do you happen to know what organ produces this female ejaculate?
I have had sex with a number of women, but have only even heard about this in the past year!

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well 1st im bi, 2nd im only 13,and 3rd I would feel better if only men responded to my questions.

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