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Fiance and I just tested positive for HSV 2 (Herpes) and we need direction.
nolegirl007 posted:
My Fiance and I recently were tested for HSV 2 and we both tested positive. We were tested for everything (including HSV 2) prior to intimacy. I tested "0" and he tested positive for HSV 1. We were always careful as he did not have a cold sore (visible) at any time. We need help/direction as to where to turn for answers regarding living with this condition. We specifically have questions as to having sexual intercourse if one of us is experiencing an outbreak. Our first outbreak has been painful emotionally as well as physically. Any direction is greatly appreciated.
infinaty responded:
You need to go to the other exchange. The one for std's and they can better answer your questions. I don't know why you would want to have sex during an outbreak, but that's your thing. You can go on suppressive therapy and it will help with the outbreaks. Good luck!
abe648 responded:
Call your Doc and confirm he gave you a "herpes IgG type specific blood test" iand if the Doc did then ask for the numeric test results and they will be something like this. HSV 1 igg is .75 and HSV 2 igg is 3.20 or what eveer he tells you and then post these results on this board so so someone can confirm your status. Even if your Doc says he has pnly HSV 2 numeric test results then take that and post it as it is a starter. The people on this other board will help you from there forward at
Kaianya3 responded:
You don't have to have cold sore or visible outbreak to transmit herpes, it's called asymptomatic transmission.
So to prevent constant outbreaks, you have to maintain your health generally; eating well, getting enough sleep, and managing the stress in life, to make our immune systems the stronger , therefore the less likely we are to have a herpes episode.

When you feel an outbreak is coming, use antiviral medicine like HSV-Zero that can prevents lesions if used before they form, and dramatically reduces healing time if used once they are appear.

Don't forget to avoid sexual contact during visible outbreak and practice safe sex by using condoms and/or microbicide. Those who wore condoms 25 percent of the time reduced their risk of transmitting herpes as well, one study found and if a microbicide is used in all acts not protected by a condom, the increased STI risk will disappear.

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