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Im Very Confused With The Way My Body Is. Please Help. Any Advice would be nice.
higgs2203 posted:
So I have sex with my girlfriend without a condom.(she has birth control). She's the only girl I've ever had sex with without a condom, so I'm not use to the feeling. When we have sex I usually last about 5 minutes. However two days ago during sex I came inside her and continued to have sex for 3 hours. Thats the longest ive ever had sex and i wasnt wearing a condom. The longest I've ever lasted with a condom on, is an hour and a half. When we had sex yesterday I only lasted for 5mins. I'm extremely confused and need advice. Because I wanna last longer but I can't cum inside my girlfriend every time we have sex. The three hours of sex was amazing and i didnt even get to finish, we had to stop because i wore her out. I've been changing my diet (eating blueberries) and ive been doing keigel exercises to try and help the situation. Has my diet and exercise worked?
My girlfriend says it was just "the moment" and that i just have to get use to the feeling. Can anyone help me??? How do I get back to lasting that long?? Has this happened to anyone else?? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
I'm 21 years old, and so is my girlfriend.
An_208356 responded:
i heard somewhere that if men masturbate frequently they go longer before orgasm.
imawesome replied to An_208356's response:
its kinda true buddy.. but when u masturbate dont blow get your self there like twice or three times before you let that happen whenever you masturbate. and you will last longer.. trust me try it out and see if i am right
GuardSquealer responded:
Did she walk funny after having intercourse for three hours? I would think that might be a little extreme. I have never met a woman that wanted me to last for three hours.
Luca_Brasi replied to GuardSquealer's response:
and better yet , how was he walking after 3 hours ?

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