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Cant feel anything with Condoms...
impatient4this posted:
I'm actually asking this on behalf of my fiancee. He says he can't feel anything during sex while wearing a condom. He isn't surcumsized so could this be the reason why?
Indiaguerita responded:
He's lying. Don't fall for it.
fcl responded:
I doubt he can't feel anything. Condoms can reduce the level of sensation for some men but do not kill it completely - this goes for circumcized AND uncircumcized men. Has he tried different brands?

Have you discussed other contraceptive methods?
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
GAP1954 responded:
there is such a wide range in condoms - he can find one that works without ruining things. Condoms do cause a substantial loss of sensation for many men but the newer ones (ultra thin from Japan etc.) are close enough to give protection and still have a good time - he might consider trying the new trojan fire and ice - he will feel something with that one for sue.
Texasred45 responded:
No, the fact he's uncircumcised doesn't have anything to do with this: recent research, in fact, suggests that the uncircumcised are more sensitive than the circumcised, since the foreskin provides protection for some pretty sensitive areas.
It is certainly not true, however, that he "doesn't feel a thing," although for many men the reduced sensation from wearing a condom will greatly delay orgasm - which might be a good thing! - or prevent it altogether, which is not such a good thing.
The analogy often made is that "it's like taking a shower in a raincoat."
Twotoned responded:
Well as a guy i can tell you i don't like them and i've tried many different types. But i used them anyway. I have never climaxed (not even once) with a condom on. I just dont get enough sensation. But the plus side is that sex lasts much longer. But some women seem to get upset when you don't climax. So he may very well not be lieing

But to protect yourself and him i suggest you continue to use them anyway. There are many things that can be done to acomidate both people without risking not useing one.
jss123 responded:
Not sure if he is lying to you, butI had exactly the same issue as your fianc?e when I first started using condoms.

The first few times I had sex with one on, I actually lost my erection due to feeling absolutely nothing. It felt like having sex with air. I started to think there was something wrong with me.

In my case, I think masturbating with a tight grip as a teenager caused a lot of the problem.

What I did is to buy different varieties and tried them one by one until I found one that I Iiked. I then stuck to that brand.
He can either do that during sex or masturbate with the condom on.

This definitely worked for me.

The other thing you need to realize is that all condoms are not all the same size. Some are tighter, longer etc than others.

I agree with the other comments. They are necessary due to all the risks these days (even if they aren't ideal).
Better having less sensation that getting someone pregnant or an infection.

One thing advantage of using condoms is that I last quite a bit longer which definitely helps during sex.

Hope that helps.
kramer2718 replied to Indiaguerita's response:
Hey Indiaguerita? Do you have a penis? If so, let's have drinks. If not stop talking about things you don't know anything about.
mintjulip3 replied to fcl's response:
I hate condoms too but I have a suggestion. Have you tried the lamb skin condoms? They are the nearest thing to nothing that i have found and I have tried them all. If you have not tried the lambskin give them a try. I think you will be happy with the results. They are not latex or any rubber material. There is a big difference in sensation. Having sex with a rubber condom is like having sex with a raincoat on. Try them I think you will lik them!

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