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    So happy about this Single Parents Board
    PrincessNYC posted:
    I've used to be quite active on the WebMD message boards for various topics. But I am so elated that a single parents board now exists. I work full time, go to school part time and I have 3 year old daughter.

    My house is upside down b/c I barely have the time or energy to maintain it. And unfortunately, I don't have the resource to utilize a cleaning service to maintain it. Especially when those funds can be used for other activities such as ballet and music lessons. My daughter will be able to begin the music program this summer and ballet when she turns 4.

    Anywho, so happy, happy about this board. As parents, we can relate to other parents but more so to single parents.

    Have a safe and great holiday!
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG responded:
    I am so thankful for the webmd boards, I never imagined I would be hooked like this. I have been on them since preggo boards. I agree we can all relate to being parents but doing it solo is another story.

    You are doing a wonderful job! Wow going to school and full time work. What are you going to school for? I someday hope to go back to start nursing school.

    Dont feel bad about your house there are days I dont do anything after coming home from work and everything else. The mess will always be there, but if only it could clean itself! lol

    Thats great your daughter is in those programs, I want to get her into something like that when shes a little older, but Im thinking more along the lines of martial arts and or a dance class. She is a very active beautiful girl so she should stay active and also know how to protect herself. :0
    PrincessNYC replied to MISSBUBBLEYAJG's response:
    Thats a very good point. Martial arts is something I should consider also. Thanks MissBubbleYAJG.

    I am actually taking pre-reqs to get into an associate nursing program. Once I complete that, I will take a bridge RN-MSN, then the actual MSN. I'll be in school for awhile. But thats okay. I will see it as a "continuing education."

    Have a great rest of the day. And thanks again for the reassurance.
    gracesmom09 responded:
    Oh my house is in a state of chaos right now! Don't feel bad. My dd bday was Sunday and we came home with soooo much stuff. It is all just sitting in my living room until I find a place for it!

    Welcome to the board. Hopefully we can find some more members and get some conversation started!

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