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Disrespect and my children...
MonkeyBut429 posted:
I am a single mother of two children my daughter is 13 and my son is 12. I have been having lots of issues with both not respecting me or any adult in my house .it has cased problems in my relationships...My son gets so angry when I have a man in my life and he continues to make trouble and when I talk to him or punish him for things he tells me "mom I hate you" or "you dont love me". . he is seeind a counslor and it is not helping he is also on a mood stablizer for his outburst of anger. I just recently broke up with a guy on big reason was that my children would disrespect him... Im not sure what to do...the father of my children has not spent any time with them since christmas nor calls them anylonger. . . the kids blame me for everything. . .Im getting very tired and upset with all this and not sure what I need to do...I have ask them to be respectful towards all people and they just do not listen. . .Im pulling my hair out and not sure of what I can do. . . thanks for reading
nlmoore responded:
Hello Monkeybutt429,

I am the single parent of 1 child and I deman respect at all times, or things get taken away for long periods of time. Your children are old enough to know what they are doing is hurting there mother. I would call a family meeting and let them know the new rules of the house that you will have to establish. You cannot be friends with your children they have enough of those, and you cannot allow them to run yoru house as that is a direct sign of disrepect. All children at one time or another tell their parents "you hate me". If you know you are a good mother then do not fall for that. Start taking back control of your house and your children. Limit what you give them to the basic nescesities, let them know your expectations and more importantly "YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT." If the children see you as being weak then they will definitly try to run things. I truly wish you the best of luck, but remember you are the parent and whether the father is there or not you are still the parent. If your child get in trouble at school and you know that he is in the wrong, then let him suffer the consequences of his actions. Sometimes tuff love will make force them to learn a lesson in life. Remember we all had to learn things the hard way. My child's father has not seen her in almost 3 years and she cries for him. That tears me up inside, but the only thing that I can do is let her know that I am there for her and carry on with life.
Good luck.

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