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Can sinus problems affect neck and back pain?
Interred posted:
This past February I was diagnosed with an acute sinus infection and was placed on two-week worth of an antibiotic and I started taking Claritin. The majority of my symptoms improved within that two-week period except the swelling in my nasal passages that contributed to my post-nasal drip. Unexpectedly this past week the back of my neck and my shoulders became extremely tight and I have seen an increase in eye puffiness and postnasal drip and I half expect that my glands are swollen. Can a sinus infection reappear that quickly? I have never had my neck and shoulders react this way to a sinus problem before either.
daveythere responded:
yes it has affected me. i only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on and then i removed milk from my diet now I am fine...but only if I avoid milk

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