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Wake Up gagging on post nasal drip
SolemnHour posted:
I was diagnosed with an acute sinus infection in February of 2010 and was prescribed a short-term antibiotic along with the doctor's advice that I start taking a daily allergy drug like Zyrtec since it was thought that my sinus infection was a result of unknown allergies. I have been taking Zyrtec everyday since then a week ago on Tuesday January 18, 2011, I woke up with muscle aches, extremely dry, and irritated throat and the worst post nasal drip that I have experienced in a year's time. Every morning since then I have woken up gagging from the postnasal drip and barely able to breath through my nose since I am so congested. The Zyrtec does very little to help me get through my workday and I am exhausted by the end of the day. I think that this might be another sinus infection however I have been told that I should allow at least two weeks before I go see my doctor just in case its just the common cold and it is just running its course. Should I wait another week or should I see my doctor with my suspicions? In addition, is there any cold medication that I can take (if it is a cold) even though I am already on allergy medication? Everything that I see on the store shelves has an antihistamine already in it. Thank you for your time.

daveythere responded:
only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on and then i removed milk from my diet now I am fine...but only if I avoid milk

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