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    Excessive Wrinkling on my face - Help!
    An_207953 posted:
    I am in my fifties and my face is very wrinkly.(cheeks, eyes and mouth) I did not go in the sun excessively as a child, but I have a thyroid nodule the doctor has been watching for the past three years. I am not on any thryroid medication - skin on legs is very dry, scaley and flakes. What can I do to reduce my wrinkles? (Will not get my picture taken because of embarrassment)
    Firewoman63 responded:
    I am over 60 and my mother taught me long ago to never use soap on my face. She recently passed and you would not know she was old - no wrinkles.
    Now we must take in to consideration the following: genetics, your thyroid, climate where you live.
    What has helped me (I am not a professional, just life experience) is stay hydrated, drink plenty of filtered water alla day long. Use a cream clenser on your face, wipe off with a wash cloth, put on a moisterizer. Always go in the direction of 'up' on your neck and face unless you are utting on foundation.
    Check you foundation - is it for your skin type - very dry sounds like.
    Stay awaya from anything that will dry you ou;, the sun, caffeine, hot air, to name just a few - always wear a sunscreen when you go out - remember to smile. Wrinkling is a very normal thing that happens when we age so don't worry too much - you probaly earned them - wear them proudly.
    From one woman to another - I hope this was helpful.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Firewoman63's response:
    Thanks for the great info Firewoman63!

    In addition, check out this information -

    Let us know if this is helpful,
    CoderGJ replied to Firewoman63's response:
    What cream cleanser and moisterizers do you and your mother use. Thank You
    tina_rose replied to CoderGJ's response:
    I use Retin A and have for 20 years. I use it sparingly on moist skin... no more than 5 drops total. Everyone says I look 35 and are astonished when I tell them I am 52.
    bullies5 replied to tina_rose's response:
    I bought some retinA a few years ago, but was afraid to use it. I am 68 and have hardly any wrinkles. I do use scrub on my face and neck and have for 30 years. It seems to do the trick, but I would like to try that Retin A to keep it like it is. I also use a good moisturizer. My Mother died at 62 and no one could believe she was old enough to be my Mother and I was 40 at the time. I love to hear other stories of women and how they keep their body and skin young. Make sure I am not missing out on anything. LOL Bullies5 (I guess you would know what kind of dogs I raise)
    sylsyl03 responded:
    First of all why has your doctor been watching your thyroid
    for 3 years? Seems excessively long. The thyroid is one of
    the causes of dry skin. I've been in the cosmetic industry for
    25 years. There are no miracles out there. But a good, consistent routine will help the appearance of your skin. Cleanse! Morning and night with a non-drying cleanser (no soap). 2nd - use a skin-smoothing serum. 3rd - moisturize!
    Face, throat, and eyes. Find one that's fragrance free for your
    skin type. Then MOST IMPORTANTLY - use SUNSCREEN
    every day! There is a product by Roche that you can find at
    CVS, etc..that multitasks as a moisturizer and suncreen.
    Avoid powdery make-up products and heavy foundations.
    Use a creamy neutral blush and lipsticks. Hope this helps.
    clairejohn responded:
    Skinlastin creams claims to minimize the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and also boasts that users will see immediate results in ten minutes or less on their face thanks to a facial relaxing ingredient that supposedly works immediately after application. It also claims to moisturize the skin and make it look more youthful and supple. All of these claims are backed by clinical trials that the company has conducted on the brand that, as they claim, back up their product efficiency with clear evidence. see the reviews of this cream
    igetadeal responded:
    I understand your problems. I think you cannot properly maintain your skin. So I suggest you please take care of your skin. You can use obagi skin care product like cleanser, and nu derm kit for anti aging. Take care your skin and get a healthy skin.

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