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Skin Tightening Options after Drastic Weight-Loss
NJvegetarian posted:
In 2010, I had gastric bypass surgery and since then, I've lost about 100 pounds. Unlike many folks who have had the procedure, when I take my shirt off, my skin does not appear to be sagging. The only time it sags, and it's only slightly, is when I bend forward. I don't have severe stretch marks, either, so I didn't want to do anything as extreme as a tummy tuck or mini-tummy tuck. Are there any options that can help those in my case, where I really just need the skin on my lower abs SLIGHTLY tightened? I've heard of Thermage, but does that help with skin on the abs? Anything else that might work?
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
There is a procedure called "SkinTyte" that is excellent for spot-firming the skin. It is a type of laser treatment that causes a heating of the collagen, followed by tightening of the collagen and the overlying skin. It is only slightly uncomfortable to have done and has no side effects. Look on the website to find a physician in your area who does it.