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Tingle under skin
Anon_21189 posted:
I have a spot on the back of my head that occasionally is tingling. I try to scratch it to make it stop. It is driving me crazy. The spot is maybe the size of a quarter and it feels like it's right under the skin so I can't really get to it. I've had this type of thing happen in the past but usually it just goes away. This time it keeps coming back.

Any idea what this could be? What will make it go away?
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Dear Anon_21189,
It sounds like you may have a pinched nerve. One thing to try is a cream called capsacin, which is found in the first aid aisle of the drug store, and is usually used for arthritis pain. You apply it to the affected area 4 times a day. If it is a pinched nerve, the tingling may increase while the cream is working, but after a few days, it will disappear. Try it, and if it doesn't work, go to see your doctor.