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Rash related to Antibiotics and Yeast infection
An_242134 posted:
Ok i had rash looking itchy area onn my knuckle and i went to the doctor and she gave me anti-fungal cream?

Y did i get a yeast infection? on my knucle
The only thing put on there was LOTS of neosporin WHICH

The doctor looked at it and said it was fungal or yeast infection... Raised bump , scally , and itchy lil red around the corners or perimeter

and at first it was on my right knuckle now it looks like its on my ear cause it tocuehd while i sleep on my hand... and maybe on my shaft of the penis, not visble but i feel little itch....

CAN EXCESS ANTIBIOTICS over my kncules be the cause for fungal infection or YEAST infection i put it on because my knucles were dry!
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Dear An_242134,
The answer is yes, excessive use of antibiotics can lead to a yeast infection. Did your problem get better with the antifungal cream? It is much more common to get hand eczema than yeast on the knuckles. If you didn't get better with the antifungal, than I think you had eczema.
An_242134 replied to Mary Ruth Buchness, MD's response:
yes it went away after i used the anti-fungal cream, just after 2 days... I was just worried... thank you