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trent2008 posted:
me and my gf is wanting 2 know how she can get a bump off of her chest without cancer. cause the doctors she went 2 said if they cut it off she could get cancer. so we are wondering is there a way that she can get the bump off without getting cancer? i have a pic of the bump 2 show how the bump looks.
WinglessElf responded:
As far as i know, if the doctor wants to remove a bump, it's gonna be cancerous. Probably the doctor is advising against surgical removal because it's not causing her any health problem, thus no need to put her body through the stress of a surgery. The doctor might have said the removal is needed if it suddenly increase in size, which has a chance meaning it transform to a cancerous bump. Anyhow, i will advise to seek a 2nd opinion
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Dear trent2008,
There is no way that removing something can cause cancer. Are you sure that he didn't say he wouldn't remove it because it's not cancer? Sometimes the chest skin heals with scars that look worse than what is being removed, so he may not want to take it off. Please get a second opinion, because the first one sounds crazy.