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Mystery Scaly/Crusty Scab on Scalp
kmrobby posted:
I have a mysterious issue that despite hours of internet searching, I can't seem to figure out what it is. I can't warrant a visit to the doctor for something so incredibly minor.. so I'm turning to the internet.

I have a single, painful, crusty/scaly scab about the size of my fingertip on the top of my scalp that I've had for months. It never heals, the scaly scab crusts, then peels off revealing red, raw skin underneath, but doesn't actively bleed. then within hours it scales back over.

I am positive it's not psoriasis, that's all I can find when trying to search for an answer. It also doesn't look anything like seborrheic dermatitis either, especially since it's just one single scab.

I took photos with my cell phone, apologies for the low quality but it was hard to hold my hand steady in an awkward position.

I'm hoping somewhere out there can give me some guidance! thank you
kmrobby responded:
Whoops, I put pictures in but they didn't show up. You can see pictures here:
kmrobby responded:
Also, I've tried Neosporin, tea tree oil and anti-fungal creams(tolfanate), none of which did anything for this thing.
An_246855 responded:
It's called Lichen Simplex Chronicus. Basically, your picking created a scab of thickened skin. Then it scales over and you continue the cycle of picking off and it coming back. You need medicated lotion called Clobex to help heal it. I've had the same spot for about 30 years (since about ten years old), and it is extremely difficult to stop picking it. Every time I get the urge to pick it, I put the lotion on it. It softens the scab so there is noting to pick at.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to An_246855's response:
Excellent advice An,

Clobex is very strong though and needs to be prescribed by an MD. It is an excellent treatment for lichen simplex chronicus though!

Thanks for the great advice.