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Expert Advice Please- Cold Sore
Anon_141150 posted:
Hello- I am paranoid about getting a cold sore. Is it bad to take Lysine as a preventive measure so I don't "possibly" get one? Also, using a lip medication such as Abreva. I have never had one, but scared of getting one.
A;so could using either one of these, if you dont have a cold sore, make you get one?

Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Dear Anon,
Neither of these are known to prevent a cold sore in someone who has never had one. Lysine seems to decrease the frequency of recurrences in some people who have outbreaks of cold sores, and Abreva is used to shorten the duration of an outbreak once it occurs. For your information, most people who have cold sores were exposed to the virus in childhood by their parents. That being said, the best way to prevent a cold sore is to avoid kissing people with sores on the lips.