Dry and Cracked Feet...
An_244906 posted:
I have really dry and cracked feet that feel flaky and occasionally itch. The area covers the entire sole of my foot and along the sides as well. I have tried using lotions but it hasn't made much of a difference. It has recently moved to the top of my foot which really bothers me. I don't know what it is or how to treat it. Any ideas?
Anon_123366 responded:
I recently tried Gold Bond lotion. The one that worked best for me was the Restoring one with CoQ10. It did wonders for my dry skin and especially with my feet. My skin itched like crazy, and my heels were very dry and cracked. Within a day, I noticed a difference. I had tried many different lotions and foot creamswith no luck, but this one seems to stay on your skin until the next time you shower, but it is not greasy, nor does it have a greasy feel. Hope this helps : ) Good Luck!
marknanrog responded:
I have found a lotion in a hardware store called Working Hands. The company also makes a lotion for feet, but the ingredients are identical. I've used it on my feet and also my hands in winter when they tend to crack. It works great - the best thing I"ve used.