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What's Wrong with my Hair??
Bugzy2013 posted:
My hair is sooo wirey and weird. Some strands are really bent and i can't make them turn straight. Some strands are rough when i move my 2 fingers across them all the way down. And, Some strands are straight and then all of a sudden. THEY turn squigly! and the ends of the strands become really thin!

What is Happening??! I read all the articles on what to eat for "Gorgeous Hair", but come to find out i have ALWAYS ate the RIGHT THING!
I even taken out all the bad foods!!
So, can someone tell me what's causing my bad hair and what i can do to get my pretty hair back!?

P.S: im only 17
and i have waste length hair thats normally straight/wavy and it as NEVER wirey before.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Bugzy,

Hormonal changes during puberty can affect the quality and texture of your hair. Are you experiencing any other symptoms such as irregular menses or acne?

There are other (not very common) hair shaft disorders that can lead to wiry hair. For an issue such as this, it would be wise to consult a board certified dermatologist
Bugzy2013 replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
I have always had acne, since 3rd grade. it has slowed down a bit but i still have them. So, what can i do to make my hair smooth again? Does the type of shampoo have any effect on it? if so, which shampoo should i use?

please and thanks
EleanorAnne replied to Bugzy2013's response:
My hair changed during and right after high school, I guess it was puberty and hormonal changes that did it.

I was told by my hair stylist that the type/brand of shampoo or conditioner you use does not really matter. I usually buy whatever is on sale and she said that was OK.

I now also use an anti-frizz smoothing creme (again whatever is on sale). I use about a teaspoon and work through my ends and the really wavy parts but not close to my scalp because my hair is so oily.

Then I blow dry and it's smooth and silky. If I just let it air dry with no product it is very wavy and frizzy. I usually let it air dry through.

Bugzy2013 replied to EleanorAnne's response:
Yeah.. I have also notice that my hair is wirey and wavy when I air dry, but I heard that air drying is the healthiest way to dry your hair. And I don't want to apply heat on it because I am afraid it will make matters worse!

I hardly EVER blow dry, last time I blow dried was like 3 months ago.

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