Dark spots after IPL, will they go away?
Anon_177415 posted:
Hi y'all, I had 2 red spots near my eye and a few small spider veins on my legs (too close to the surface for sclerotherapy) that I wanted to get rid of. I been saving up for IPL so last Saturday (May 19) I went to a highly recommended yet inexpensive place to get it done. After the treatment, I noticed that near all the placed the specialist IPL'd me (or however you say it, haha) there are a few very small, very dark spots like freckles.

I have no idea what these spots are or whether they'll go away. So, is this normal? Will they go away?

Also, I have of course limited my sun exposure but starting next week I'll be involved in a lot of outdoor activities. I don't plan on laying out, obviously, but I'll be in the sun and even with a high-SPF sunscreen my skin soaks in the sun like a sponge soaks up water and I get darker very easily (I have some Native American heritage, maybe that's why). Is this going to make the brown spots worse even if I'm very careful?

Thanks for any help!