Mystery Diagnosis-HELP
c_cret posted:
I have been dealing with skin problems since 2007, I was diagnosed with You +1'd this publicly. Undo Hidradenitis suppurativa, but I never had any lesions or rashes in the key areas where hidradentis supperativa take place. My rashes are all on my legs or arms. They start off as a small bump, nodule, usually on the hair follicle (folliculitus was ruled out based on the way the rash looks). Then they expand to tiny blisters filled with a honey colored fluid, that is not puss, that grow into a round dime to quarter size blister filled with the same fluid that builds under the skin. I just went to a new dermatologist who thought I may have shingles, the results came in from the culture and it came back negative for any viral infections. I am at such a lost. I have now gone to my Primary Care and asked for blood work to get done. History: my mom has SLE, for the last year I have had severe joint pain in my ankles, knees, wrist and fingers. Swelling in my ankles due to constant injury, the last two years. Experiencing severe fatigue and tiredness. In the last year I have had kidney infections, and pain in my back some kidney related others I am not quite sure. My muscles and body in general are fatigued after working. I feel like this is something auto immune related, its nothing sexually related, I constantly get tested and have had the same partner for three years. I'm just looking for some answers or maybe if anyone else has experienced this and may know what it is. I will get the results back for my blood work on the 13th, they tested for Lupus and Lime Disease.