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Itchy breast (especially nipples)
An_246477 posted:
Hi there,

My breast are really itchy especially my nipples and the areola like a month. I am 22 years old, (i used to have sex with my bf, unmarried and so i was never pregnant to do something with breadfeeding ). I have changed my shower gel twice last month. I had scaly skin beneath my nipple, I was using vaseline for moisturizing them and they disappeared now. But still my nipples and areola part iches what this could be? Breast cancer, Paget disease? :S I am so scared ! Please help me out. !
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear An,

Typically, bilateral rashes on the breast are less worrisome for Pagets or breast CA.

However, any condition on the breast should be evaluated by your MD.

Whenever I see a patient with any condition on the breast, I always follow up and make sure that it is resolved within a few weeks with appropriate treatment.

I hope that helps
dustinscott replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
When taking a shower make sure that you rinse and clean the nipple with plain water only as applying soap might cause dryness and itching.

When wiping the nipple and the breasts in particular make sure you do so gently and with a clean cloth as being harsh may cause rashes.

Use a skin friendly and a soft detergent to clean your clothes and especially the under garments, to avoid allergies.

The nipple is a very delicate part the skin covering, and therefore requires special and delicate care, more so in case of females.