elbow skin
mendyswoffo posted:
hi, I have black skin on my elbows. I've been told it's just dead skin, but nothing gets it off. My elbows are dry and cracked. I've been putting exfoliating lotion on it and then putting some special lotion meant to work on it over night. Nothing seems to be working to change the color. Does anybody have a clue as to what is going on with my elbows? Anybody have any idea as to what I can do?
Jeune1 responded:
Hi there, I had the problem on my elbows and knees for years. You should concentrate on moisturizing the area. I used a mixture of olive oil and baking soda, applied before showering and allowed to sit for a few minutes. It really worked. (Just remember to clean the tub after!) It really worked.

Now I also wonder if it was partially age related. I treated the problem in my late 20's and it hasn't recurred.
mendyswoffo replied to Jeune1's response:
Thank you, I'll try that. I am in my early 30s so maybe it is partially related to age.
what is the amounts you use of the olive oil and the baking soda or is it just equal amounts of both?
Jeune1 replied to mendyswoffo's response:
Sorry, just saw your question. If I recall I used enough olive oil to make the baking soda into a paste that would stick.

I think it took about a month of daily applications before it cleared up, but once it was gone, it was gone.