Messenger bags and rashes
Jeune1 posted:
Just thought I'd share this. A few months ago I noticed a cluster of acne-like cysts at the base of my neck. I also developed a single pimple on my chest and a couple on my shoulder. These are places I've never broken out and since it was all on one side of my body I went crazy trying to figure out what it was because with the warmer temps, I wasn't going to wear a turtleneck. Then one day I looked at the strap on my messenger/laptop bag and noticed the shoulder pad is starting to tear a bit.

I also noticed the pad cover has latex in it. I'm mildly allergic to latex when it starts to decay! Basically, every time the pad touched my skin, I would break out within a few minutes. So if you're allergic to latex, take care when purchasing any sort of bag you'll carry every day.