What are these bumps on my face?
missybitsy posted:
I'm 20 years old. I have dry/combination skin (my cheeks are dry and my forehead is oily). I have these rough tiny bumps all over my face that are not actually acnes. They don't grow into heads and don't pop. They also don't itch or turn red. This is a picture of my cheek: http://www.mediafire.com/conv/340770c68cc03a2b32bc88be23c848f7c74ac48939f23c56558e96b840e1d09b6g.jpg
I took this picture under good lighting. Normally, these bumps are not that visible. Can you please tell me what could be the problem and how to get rid of these?
Thank you so much!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Missybitsy -

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sharont2012 replied to missybitsy's response:
Oh man me too! I've had these for a month now and I don't know where they came from or why they're there! They go away after a week but always come back after a day or two.
Antony22 replied to missybitsy's response:
Hey, did you manage to clear this up?
My Girl friend has the same condition since 3 weeks now!
Please let me know if you are diagnosed with some condition
and wat was the treatment? our GP said its non-specific and not serious. Gave salsalic acid and some OTC topical cream.
await your response. you may also shoot an email to me antony.seotraffic @ gmail. com
ashleymt592 replied to Antony22's response:
Did anyone find an answer to this topic?? I've had the same type of bumps over a year now! If anyone has an answer please email me! ashthompson5@gmail.com
mimi19742014 responded:
These bumps are actually caused by chocolate. So avoid touching them.
makikaki replied to mimi19742014's response:
Could you give more info on this, please? I had these for almost a year now, nothing helps. Is it only chocolate? Also, may I ask how you know this? Thanks!
maru316 replied to makikaki's response:
My partner has the exact same condition, any ideas people??
undefined responded:
It's most likely Keratosis Piralis.

My son was misdiagnosed for years by pediatritions but it is relatively common. It's stubborn and can be aggravated by a number of things like cold, hormones and illness.