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Neck sweat stinks! Any thoughts?
An_247094 posted:
When I sweat, its usually more prevalent around my upper back/chest and neck. Additionally, the sweat from neck stinks like body odor! Weird... anyways, I can't seem to figure out to remedy this issue. I've tried cutting coffee out of my diet, drinking more water, even put deodorant on my neck once! It didn't work. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear An,

Stress and heat can be factors that can increase our sweat gland productivity.

You can try a "Clinical" strength deodarant applied to the areas at night time ( the blockage of the sweat glands will occur while you are sleeping).

Alternatively, you could see your derm for effective prescription oral and topical products.

I hope that helps