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Mixing Sunscreens with Moisturizers
LilyThompson posted:
I have read at quite a few articles on the importance of sunscreens to prevent photoaging and the importance of moisturizers to rehydrate dry skin. I also read in one location that mixing the two and applying leads to additional benefits of both sunscreens and moisturizers. Is that true?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Lily,

Instead of mixing sunscreen and moisturizer, I personally counsel my patients to layer the products.

First a little moisturizer to hydrate the skin, then a layer of a mineral sunscreen with zinc or titanium.

In this way, you know exactly how much sunscreen that you are applying so that you are getting proper protection

Remember -- we need a shot glass worth to cover our body!

Here is a demo of how much sunscreen to use from a recent Fox News Interview