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Back Acne
sabra posted:
I have Back Acne and I do not know how to treat it. I would like to get some tattoos but before i do that i know i need to try to clear my skin up a little. im not sure what to do or what the best solution is for back acne.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
One of my favorite initial treatments for back acne is a benzoyl peroxide wash. You can use any brand that has a concentration from 5- 10% and use it in the shower. Apply it to the back, leave it on for about 30 seconds, and rinse off. You should start to see an improvement in 2 weeks hopefully!

I hope that helps
dannyus responded:
You can also try some home remedies.
One home remedy that I have seen has helped lot of people is application of toothpaste over effected area.

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