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skin eruptions
ewesley69 posted:
My 9 year old daughter
is having skins irritation issues.
She is overweight, she has eczema and sometimes gets sores on her lips.
Recently, her skin on her arms and face have begun to just get sores for no reason. They scab over quickly, but they burn and are very tender to the touch. We give her benedryl and cortizone. Does anyone know what this is and how we can treat this?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Ewesley,

As a mother myself, I know it is so difficult to watch your daughter suffer.

Children with eczema (particularly those who are overweight) are more prone to a specific bacteria called "staph." Staph can cause recurrent sores.

I would get in to the pediatrician for a bacterial culture and potential topical vs oral antibiotics.

Please keep us posted and I hope that helps