Acne Chemical Peel - Longterm Damage?
Jpoznan0587 posted:
I am 25 years old and suffer from minimal acne and HUGE clogged pores. I am currently under Derm. care and after seeing about 10 different derms in the past 5 years, this one has provided the best care I have gotten thus far. I am currently using a face wash thats salicylic face wash thats 2% salicylic acid, Im using the generic version of duac gel in the am and retina at night and am taking 100mg of doxycycline hyclate twice a day.

She provides a chemical acne peel and I have gotten it once and really like the way it made my acne virtually disappear. The peel is 5% sulfur, 10% beta naphthol and 10% green soap. The derm. suggested I get this once a month and while it really helped my acne, I am not sure if its a money scam to get it once a month and I have a few questions regarding this peel: 1) Are there any long-term effects of getting this peel once a month? 2) It did NOTHING for my clogged pores, any suggestions as to why and if there is ulterior procedures for clogged pores? 3) Microderma abrasion--Ive never gotten this done before but have heard it does wonders on pores..I would like any thoughts/advice on Microderma abrasion and hydropflux trmt. 3) If the pores arent clogged pores but clogged hair follicles, how could I tell the difference and what treamtns are recommended for clogged hair follicles???