Short, Sporadic, Localized Patches of Itchiness
Andy0814 posted:
I've been under a great deal of stress lately and I keep having occasional "outbreaks" of slightly raised, red tinted patches of skin that itch like crazy before subsiding just as quickly. The itching is unbearable, completely unpredictable, and always seems to remain localized to a certain part of my body--be it the torso, a thigh, an arm, etc... but it shows up in different places at different times.

I had this same condition about 3 years ago, during another period of extremely high stress, also during the winter.

Is this Psoriasis? It's the only condition that seems to come up when I search online, but my condition doesn't look like any of the photos that I've seen.
Anon_596 responded:
Each person is different. This happens to me on occassion and my Dr and I have summized it to be psorisis. I have a family history of this periodic skin condition so perhaps that made it easier to diagnose. I use an OTC cortisone anti-itch cream and it works well.