Where do scabies come from and how do you identify it
jovansmom posted:
I have this rash or bug bites on the top of my left hand. I've looked all over on WebMD to figure out what it is. And I'm terribly confused. I'm at home in bed most of the time as I am pretty disabled. The only person I see regularly is my son who is 20. Looking at the bites it's like I have a few bigger bites but one has like 4 little ones in a circle sort of. There was a bug I've never seen before flying around about when this happened it was white and small as a gnat. I live in the desert so it's pretty barren here with regards to females (unless it rains and rains, and I truly can't tell you the last time it rained here. Any ideas? I'm between doctors as the doctor I had went to Jordon (his home) and decided to stay!!! It's hard to find a doctor where I live truly there are some really bad ones. Even the nurses I know agree with me. I plan to find one around my pay day which is the 3rd. So I've got a few days. Please help!!
darlyn05 responded:
Have you thought of Sand Fleas since you live in/near a dessert/sand?