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FaceMaster -- is it effective and safe?
Giannoni posted:
I want to buy the FaceMaster by Suzanne Sommers. I wonderabout this device which uses electric microcurrent.. I've read blogs that rave about how well it works butI've not been able to find out much about the safety aspect. It comes with two wands which you use to message the face as they deliver the microcurrent. I'm concerned about the safety of the brain and the eyes. Is the electric current, which probably reaches the brain even on low dose, safe! Apparently the FDA approved it but does that mean it is safe for the face as well as other organs in close proximity? Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on the Face Master.
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
I wouldn't waste your money. You don't know who's been posting rave reviews-it's probably Suzanne Sommers' people. The fact that it's not promoted to or by dermatologists should tell you something!
Jen__ responded:
With anti-aging products, I have found that you normally get what you pay for. You would have better results using the macro-dermabrasion tool by Rodan & Fields in combination with the Redefine regimen. You can see these at

They are dermatologist-grade products and 100% guaranteed. They are made by the same doctors that made ProActiv.

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