Wierd brown "bruising" on lower back
andymac666 posted:
I recently noticed these wierd brown bruising on my lower back. the skin is not raised at all, it doesn't itch or tingle, no symptoms at all apart from the discoloration. I'm not sure if this has happened recently as I don't often look at my back. I will be going to the doctors this week, but wondered if I should be unduly concerned
LordChewie responded:
I have the same issue. On my elbows and chest area. On my chest, they're slightly a darker brown than my skin and on my elbows, they're slightly lighter than my skin. Did you have any luck?
mudbuni responded:
My husband has the EXACT same look to his back only a few inches higher, I did some digging, found your picture, and it's exactly the same. I found a similar picture of a woman's back, on a medical site, they had 4 different things, 3 being genetic and known well before just seeing the funny patterns and discoloration, the last had a scientific name, ( no way I could spell it) but its something that happens to the skin from heat, long term use of a heating pad, or people get it on legs from fireplaces, it can go away after you don't use the heat from 6 weeks, to a year. Don't know if you went to the Doctor, but please post if you got a diagnosis! Your backs look EXACT, just higher up, it's big like yours, and it's been there now, 6 months? And yes, he uses a heat pad allot, but I'm very curious what your doctor said, thanks!
An_260068 replied to mudbuni's response:
I too have it on lower back. I've never used a heating pad BUT
when I like my showers hot and I let the water hit that spot a long time. Thanks for posting. I'm gonna try avoiding heat on that area.