Red bumps on behind and upper legs
An_253142 posted:
My skin quality is actually fairly good over most of my body, but on my behind and the upper parts of my legs (basically all the regions that's be covered by a pair of shorts) are covered with these unsightly red bumps. Some occasionally develop pussy head like pimples, but acne medication did nothing for them. I thought they may have been from my pants chafing me so I tired using those anti-chafing gels athletes use, which helped a bit but not much. My doctor suggested it may be dry skin, he said the dryness of my skin, combined with the heat and fiction in that region of my body may be causing my skin to crack, and these cracks then get infected and turn to boils. He suggested I take shorter baths without soap and use large amounts of highs strength moisturizer on these problem areas. Now that has helped more than anything, I've seen a reduction in the spots, but there's still a decent amount left. Anything else I can do to reduce these spots.

Other random facts, the breakouts are worse and more frequent in the summer time so sweat may be a factor. How many spots I see depend on the lighting I'm in, I see millions under strong fluorescent or intense sunlight, but under normal tungsten light or light sunlight I don't see that many.

Please help, these spots are quite unsightly and make me feel uncomfortable naked.